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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 


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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Written By: Meg Allan Cole 

-/ TOOLS: 

Dropcloth (1) 

Ikea Tundra click-together floor (1) 

Paint roller (1) 

Power Drill, Drill press. Dremel. shop tools, wrenches, hammers, etc.. soldering iron. (1) 

paint brushes for priming & painting (1) 

paint scraper (1) 

screws, drill, saw, hammer (1) 

trim (1) 


In this first of three DIY Bedroom videos, I show you how to paint a room, lay down Ikea 
click-together floor, and add trim to a baseboard. 

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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Step 1 — DIY Bedroom Make-Over 


• Remove all furniture, hardware, light switch covers, and nails from the wall. Spackle where 
necessary by pulling a scraper over any holes. Scrape until all excess spackle is removed 
and sand down if necessary. 

Step 2 

• Fill in any cracks in baseboards 
with wood filler in the same manner 
as you spackled. Allow to dry for 
several hours. 

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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Step 3 

• Tape the perimeter of your windows, ceiling, doorways, and the fan if you are painting the 

Step 4 

• Paint thin even coats, starting at the ceiling and working your way down. Ventilate the 
space and allow the first coat to dry overnight before starting the second. Pay special 
attention to corners and seams of the room to make sure you have full coverage. 

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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Step 5 

• Choose a flooring. I went with Ikea Tundra click-together floor since this is a tiny room and 
we are renters. Do a few practice rounds to get the feel of the boards, then lay them down 
in a staggered brick formation. Our room is so tiny we didn't need to do this, but we 
suggest it to prevent buckling. 

Step 6 


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i ^^^^H 

• Push the pieces together until they 
click. To give an extra push without 
damaging the board, put fabric or a 
tee shirt on the end and gently tap 
in with your hammer. 

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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Step 7 

• Custom measure and mark your boards for the size they will need to be. Cut the remaining 
boards to fit your room using a saw and wearing proper eye protection. Sand the edges 
with fine grain sand paper. 

Step 8 

• To add trim to your room, measure and purchase the amount needed and paint it the 
desired color. 

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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Step 9 

^L A 

BSL , W S^r 4fc 

if / 

• Custom cut each piece of trim to fit each wall of the room, and cut each end at a 45 degree 
angle to make the corners tidy. 

Step 10 

• To attach the trim, you will need a power drill and panel nails. Drill a pilot hole using a bit 
that is slightly smaller than your panel nail. Hammer the nail in through the trim and wall at 
a 45-degree angle. 

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DIY Bedroom Make-Over 

Step 11 

• Move the furniture and art back into 
the room, and we are ready to add 
a headboard! 

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